“Last June I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. My A1C (sugar levels) started at 7.1. Through healthy eating and CrossFit Constancy, my levels are now down to 6.2. This is more than looking good, it’s about feeling good and being healthy. I have gained muscle, I have tons of energy and I feel fantastic!”



“Few experiences are more intimidating than walking into a CrossFit box for the first time. As I took my initial step inside CrossFit Constancy, I realized that this would be the only step I had to take alone. I was immediately welcomed and embraced by a community of coaches and members. The trainers learned my name. They listened. They helped me understand my physical abilities and develop personal goals. The diverse community of members demonstrated to me that there is no ideal weight, shape, or age in CrossFit. We each have our own starting point, and we all embody unique qualities that contribute to a healthy and positive environment. One of my favorite characteristics of CrossFit is that the program is never about what I can’t do (yet!). Instead, the coaches focus on what movements I can do right now, and how I can safely build strength and endurance to progress to the next level. There is no endgame; there is only forward momentum. Pushing myself physically has improved the condition of my body as well as my spirit. The CrossFit Constancy community has provided me with an opportunity to gain back my sense of self. I’m so thankful I took that first, scary step inside.”



“Joining CrossFit Constancy in 2016 was one of the best decisions I made, undoubtedly. I always look forward with enthusiasm to my workouts. The workouts are never the same from day to day. There’s always an element of surprise that I look forward to. I’ve had my share of gyms, fitness programs and personal trainers, but nothing like what I’ve found here at CrossFit Constancy. Unlike other trainers elsewhere, who tell you what exercise to do and then walk away, Jessica stays with you and supervises you throughout your workout sessions, making sure you are doing them correctly, while also encouraging you to do your best. If she sees that you struggle with a certain exercise she will alter it to make it more feasible, yet challenging and beneficial for you. She always makes you feel good about yourself. I look forward to my continued participation in CrossFit Constancy’s Personal Training Program. I have seen positive physical and emotional changes in myself already and I look forward to increased personal improvement.“



“I started doing CrossFit at CFC about two years ago and it has been on of the best personal choices I could have ever made, not just for me but for my family as well!

I remember my first class like it was yesterday, I left and told myself I would not be coming back because it was to difficult, that was until I drove out of the parking lot and couldn’t wait to get back! If I can do this and push myself with help from these coaches, I can definitely anything! So it’s been two years now and I still love it, not only me but also my wife Jill, she started 3 days after I did and has been killing it ever since! We really enjoy the opportunity to workout everyday together with a great group of people!

CFC is more than just a gym, it is a true community of incredible people that we call friends and even family!

We can’t thank Jessica and Blayne enough for helping so many with their fitness goals as well as overall wellbeing! I have been in and out of many gyms over the years but never have I met such genuine and caring people like our CFC family!”